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    Castle Crags State Park

    The park offers swimming and fishing in the Sacramento River, hiking in the back country. The park features 28 miles of hiking trails and a view of Mt. Shasta. The Pacific Crest Trail also passes through the park. Find out more - http://www.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=454
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    Sundial Bridge

    Located on the Sacramento River in Redding, the Sundial Pedestrian Bridge links the Turtle Bay Exploration Park, and the Sacramento River National Recreation rail. The 710 foot long bridge spans the river without footings in the water. The pylon serves as the world’s tallest working…
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    Cascade Theatre

    Since 1935 the Cascade Theatre has provided a venue for a diverse array of arts and cultural events that celebrate the human spirit. Visit their website to learn more about upcoming plays, concerts, etc. Find out more - http://www.cascadetheatre.org/
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    Turtle Bay

    The 300 acre campus contains educations and entertaining activities that interpret the relationships between humans and nature. The park includes wildlife exhibits, aviary, gardens and more. Find out more - http://www.turtlebay.org/
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    River Trail

    Redding’s Trail system provides 80 miles of paved and natural surface rails. The Sacramento River Trail, which crosses the world famous Sundial Bridge in the heart of Redding, and the Sacramento River Rail Trail, which extends north all the way to Shasta Dam and sits…
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    Mt. Shasta

    Mount Shasta is the second highest peak in the Cascade Range, and the tallest peak in California. It offers a vast array of recreational opportunities from leisurely hiking, to skiing to mountain climbing. Take a scenic drive to the 8000 foot level and enjoy the…